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Anger – Is it real?

Friends, family, life partners, sons, daughters, siblings and many others. Almost all the relations in this world have borne the brunt of one particular emotion i.e. Anger. So much of remorse, grief and guilt all bring generated out of Anger.

But what if we find out someday that there is no thing such as Anger. There could be frustration, irritation, egoism and deliberate need of proving oneself or establishing one’s supremacy but no such emotion as Anger.

What if someday, somebody proves that this unrealistic emotion which appears so real is nothing but a mask behind which all other negative emotions like frustration, irritation etc hide. Not just these but also the human ego hides behind it.

Consider a situation wherein you being humiliated in private by a colleague or friend. Quite provocative, isn’t it? No? Okay! Now consider that the friend or colleague humiliating you in person is someone new against whom you already have a prejudice on the basis of looks. Now you might get angry.

But now let us consider the same situation but instead of the friend or colleague, let it be a small child whom you love more than your life, whom you can’t even think of hurting even at the cost of your own death.

Would you still get angry? Our will it now leaf to some thing else, like sadness, determination to be more perfect, mercy, etc.

Yes!! There you have it. Anger is an artificial emotion which is actually being enacted by the person in a particular situation depending on what the person wants to prove, show or establish.

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