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Finding Non- SARGable queries

SARGable means Search ARGument Able and relates to the ability to search through an index for a value. Now this might impact your queries in a huge way. This will tell you whether your query is performing a table scan or a column/index scan. Given below is an crude attempt to get all the queries …

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Understanding SQL Joins

Hi, Today we will be trying to understand the already much spoken about topic in SQL (T-SQL), "Joins". SQL joins can either make or break any Sql query. In T-SQL we basically have the following types of joins: Inner Join / Natural Join Left Join / Left Outer Join Right Join / Right Outer Join …

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Concatenating many rows into a single row using SQL

  Hi,There have been many instances where we do need to concatenate multiple rows into a single row that too through SQL. Let us try to achieve this right here. Suppose we have a table by the name of Students. And its contents are shown below: And the result that we want is something like …

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