ChatGPT: Features And Why We Shouldn’t Fear It

ChatGPT The future?

About ChatGPT

Open ChatGPT one of the most trending topic as of now, for some it’s a threat towards their job and humanity for other it’s a beacon of hope towards technology breakthroughs. Nonetheless AI continues to rapidly improve and with it the concerns of people.

Are we taking enough precautions? Is it too early? Can we actually control it? — Are the common thoughts that comes in people mind.

Well at any rate we all are going towards a future of more uncertainty than ever before. Throughout the history human curiousity has always been a major driving force behind their action, perhaps this is what makes us unique but will it be the end of us too?

As as of now Open ChatGPT is the best AI chatbot. A simple yet fasinating chat bot developed by OpenAI which has eveyone eyes on it.

Although it’s just a chatbot trained on large database through deep learning, what makes it different is it’s ability to understand questions in a more humanly manner and the way it presents answers which almost seems tailored made for the asked questions. It can even remember past questions making it even more unqiue.

Now to understand what does it mean for our future we need to take a closer look at its most captivating features to understand it’s capabilities.

Major Features ChatGPT

1) Ability To Mimic Human Writing Style

If there is one thing which makes ChatGPT standout the most is its ability to to generate text similar to human writing style. It’s almost like when you start chating with the bot you may not even realise if it’s a machine that it replying to you. ChatGPT can have a conversation, give solution to your queries and can even crack jokes when you ask it.

It can do all of this with the fluency of human, is what makes it unqiue or for some terrifying.

The day when you cannot distinguish between the text of human and AI is the day when the line between human creatively and artificial Intelligence becomes transparent, raising questions about:

“What really is the definition of human creativity?”

2) Broad Understanding Of languages

The ChatGPT consists of many fasinating features. One of which is it’s capacity to answer a broad range of launguage related questions like texts like translation, summarising a paragraph, and the ability to understand different languages as input. This can have a huge impact for businesses, researchers, and individuals who wish to make use of AI in their work.

It is certainly not at the level of replacing anyone’s job but rather can help make the job easier, well atleast for now.

3) Dynamic In Nature

Open ChatGPT is constantly improving and learning as more and more people use, it gets better with time. As more data is being fed into it developers can use this data to optimise the bot futher and make the bot responsiveness and understanding better.

All of this suggests that ChatGPT will only get better over time.

4) User Friendly

ChatGPT is designed in way that makes it user friendly. People who aren’t into tech much will still be able to use ChatGPT, unlike Midjourney and Dall-E where you need have to some knowledge of command prompts to get your desired result.

ChatGPT is like a friend who will get what you meant without much explanation, although at times it can be bit off topic and might ignore your key point but it’s still impressive and is always improving.

5) Tailor Made Answers

One the most fascinating thing about ChatGPT is that it provides tailor made answer to the questions. For example Google is a search engine and will only answer what’s in its database, if your questions matches exactly to the content then it answers but ChatGPT can actually put one and two together and answer your question.

If Google database doesn’t have a specific answer to your question it will show you related content to it which might hold the answer but ChatGPT will extract that answer from it’s database and answer accordingly to your question.

6) Contextual Understanding

The ability of ChatGPT to understand the context of questions is the mind-blowing. ChatGPT doesn’t just remember the past questions it can actually put them as a context for answering the present question which might be realted to previous one.

This ability isn’t just convenience of use for user but it also makes bot give accurate answers.

The large amount of data that the bot is trained on helps it understand the context of questions. If the input is a independent question then it will understand that and answer it coherently but if the input is a statement for the pervious question it will understand the context and give a follow-up reply.

8) Coding Capabilities

The possibilities and applications for ChatGPT in the field of programming are immense. ChatGPT not only provides answers to questions related to programming it also includes code snippets for it which makes it a perfect tool for programmers.

ChatGPT can also write codes for specific needs in whichever programming languages the user needs. Within this small timespan, developers have already started to use ChatGPT as one of their must-have programming essentials as it saves a lot of time and effort.

What’s more impressive is that it doesn’t stop there, ChatGPT’s ability to optimize existing codes is nothing short of a game changer, ChatGPT can rewrite the code to make it perform better and also to simplify the code to fewer lines increasing its readability.

Overall chatbot is already a valuable tool for developers, It is so good at programming that developers are afraid this AI model will become so powerful one day that it will be able to replace developers itself.

Should We Fear AI Development ?

It is only natural for people to have doubts about AI and they are not without any merit. Some people worry that AI will take their jobs while other worry about it being a threat to humanity.

Now let’s take a look at why AI is actually good for humanity and is a needed step towards advancement of humanity.

1) AI Can Improve Quality of Life

What if i told you there is a person who can be your own personal assistant that does your everyday tasks, from guiding and giving logical solution to making sure you stay healthy and that too without any rest or tantrums. Well that’s exactly what an AI can do, it can remove the tedious mental work for us and give us the most logical coherent solution to problems.

Automation of jobs by AI is possible in many job sectors from manufacturing, to transportation (self driving cars and trucks) and to health care. The scope of AI is immense and it will lead to increased efficiency and economic growth of countries.

2) Create New Jobs

One of the most common reason why people fear AI is that it will take people jobs. While it is true that AI will automate certain jobs and task but it will also open new jobs openings like businesses will need to hire people to train the AI models, and to manage them and even work with them to reach their desired goal.

As one door closes another opens so rather than fearing AI we should adapt to changes and be flexible to this dynamic nature of world.

3) Solve Complex Problems

Much of the problems and challengers faced bh the humanity are complex and requires both time and skills to solve.

Artificial Intelligence has the ability to analysis large amount of data and train on it to be provide solutions to problems and predict in few seconds and that too in a chorent way. It can summarise complex and large data and summarise it in a easy to understand manner.

It can help to predict weather, climate change, pandemic outbreaks , scarcity of resources etc.


It is no doubt that development and integration of AI will enchance humans capabilities and help them achieve more.

Nothing is for free as the saying goes and AI is no exception, therefore let’s take a look at its cost. It is not a hidden fact that AI development will cause unemployment in the country and a new method for running the economy will be require like universal basic income and implementation of that system will be very complex.

While the concerns of AI is real and should not be ignored, however it should not be the reason to stop proceeding further. The concerns should be addressed and countermeasures should be taken and development of AI shoud be taken in a responsible and control environment.

A race like ‘Who reaches the moon first’ should be avoided at all cost. In the end AI is a crucial step towards technology that we should and need to take while being responsible of the development.

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