How To Get Telegram Premium in 2023?

Telegram Premium

Finally, Telegram Premium is out. With more than 700 million active users each month and being one of the top 5 downloaded apps in 2022 worldwide, Telegram’s new subscription service enables users to access premium extra features on the chat app.

In a blog post announcing the launch of Telegram Premium, the company stated that the new paid tier “will allow us to offer all the resource-heavy features users have requested over the years while preserving free access” to the messaging service.

So let’s see what’s new features does Telegram Premium provides, and how can you get it? Here’s everything you need to know.

How to get Telegram Premium?

Follow These 5 Simple Steps To Get Telegram Premium

1) Click On Telegram Application On Your Device

2) Click On Three Horizontal Bars At The Top Left Corner And Then Click Settings

3) Now Scroll Down A Bit And Then Click On Telegram Premium

4) Now You Can See The New Features You Will Be Able To Access By Premium Subscription. Click on ‘Subscribe for ₹179 ( amount varies depending on your country) per month.’

5) Now Just Pay The Required Amount And You Are All Done!

How much does Telegram Premium cost?

Telegram Premium costs between $5 and $6. The company did not reveal these prices in the official blog post, but we checked the app in India and found that the subscription costs ₹179. The cost of premium subscription in USA is $4.99 and around £4.99 to €5.49 in European countries.

Telegram Premium Features

Users subscribed to premium plan gets a lot of new features and even some limits are increased for them. These consist of increased upload and download speeds, doubled channel joining restrictions, and other features. Additionally, non-paid users will get access to extra-large documents, stickers delivered by premium users, and the ability to tap to raise reaction numbers. The complete list of extra Telegram Premium features may be seen below.

1) Increased Upload Limit from 2GB to 4GB

Premium users have the ability to upload and send files up to 4GB in size. Meanwhile, users of Telegram’s standard free version will be limited to 2GB uploads But they can still access and download the files uploaded by the premium members. This feature is useful for Channel/Groups Owners who frequently deal with large files and have to split the file in parts for uploading.

2) Increased Download & Upload Speed

It is claimed by Telegram that now subscribed users will be able to download media, documents and other format files at the highest speed achievable by their connection. “Telegram claims the speed will go as high as your WiFi can keep up to provide highest speed possible,” according to the blog post released by Telegram. It is a very useful feature for users that have a high-speed Wi-Fi connection and want to make the most of it while downloading large files.

3) Two Times The Normal Limits

Premium users now have access to increased limits on almost everything in the app. Members with premium account can now join upto 1K Channels, and form 20 chats folders and have maximum of 200 chats within each and can add upto 4th account to the telegram app plus they can even pin upto 10 chats/groups/channels, in short premium members get everything double of what free users get.

4) Conversion Of Voice-To-Text

When users are unable to listen to voice messages out loud, the new paid service will allow them to convert them to text. Users also have the option to rate the voice to text feature so telegram can improve it quickly.

5) Premium Stickers And Unique Reactions

Premium users will have access to additional stickers with full-screen animations as well as 10 new emojis. However, these will be visible to all users. This means that a Telegram Free user will be able to see these exclusive stickers sent by a Telegram Premium user.

6) Advance Chat Management

For Premium subscribers, new chat management capabilities have also been added. Premium members can even choose the default chat folder that should appear according to the user need. You can even choose a option in privacy and security that mutes and archives new chats to avoide unwanted messages.

7) Moving Profile Picture

Premium users can upload moving profile pictures that will be visible to all users. This means that your animated profile picture will loop even in other users’ chats, enhancing the visibility of your own chat.

8) Premium Badges

In the chat list, chat headers, and member lists in groups, users who have Telegram Premium will display a unique Premium emblem that says “Premium” next to their name, letting others know they are a part of the club that has first access to exclusive features and that they support Telegram.

9) New And Unique App Icons

A minor feature, but a new one nonetheless — three new icons. Premium users will be given the option to choose their favourite telegram icon from the new premium star, night sky, or turbo-plane icons. User can now match their app icon in homepage to match their theme for matching aesthetic.

10) No More Channel Ads

You might have noticed telegram showing a large sponsered message in some public channels in few countries, telegram have being using these ads to cover their working cost but now after premium subscription plan these ads will no longer be shown to premium members.

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