How To Stay Active When You Have A Inactive Job?

According to the (WHO) World Health Organization, physical inactivity kills approximately 2 million people each year. The WHO suggest that inactive jobs which doesn’t require much physical activity of walking and running might be the top 10 causes of death.

But if they want to make ends meet and pay their ever-rising rent, millions of people have no choice but to stay at their jobs. Even worse, a lot of people work several jobs that require them to spend too much time each day sitting down. How can you help? Here are six suggestions for staying healthy if you have desk job.

1. Utilize Workplace Wellness Programs

Nowadays, many organizations appreciate healthy workers and make investments in their care through various wellness initiatives. Those who have adequate space may establish a gym on-site, while others can partner with local gyms to offer staff members discounted or free memberships. If your workplace provides such a benefit, please utilize it to stay active.

Studies demonstrate the effects of these programs A new study comparing 20 organizations with onsite wellness initiatives against 140 without was published in JAMA. Compared to those who did not have access to this amenity, the wellness programs group reported higher levels of physical activity and better participation in weight control after 18 months.

It is logical. After a hard day of work, employees who have already made the drive home are less likely to have the motivation to get a babysitter and go to the gym in the evening. On the other hand, individuals who can fit in a workout while on duty or during a break can do so and still get at the daycare facility in plenty of time to pick up the children when their shifts are up.

2. Add A Activity Reminder

Most people own a cellphone, and even outdated flip phones have alarms. Use an hourly chime as a Pavlovian reminder to get up and move around. You don’t need to sprint around the office complex to get your blood flowing; instead, you can stand, go to the water cooler, go up and down the stairs, or do some stretches.

There is no shortage of reminder apps, many of which are free, if you require something fancier. You can distinguish and prioritize jobs with versions like BZ Reminder. To remind you of specific tasks at certain locations, such as “pick up milk” while you’re at the grocery store, Google Keep uses your location.

3. Discuss New Seating Arrangements With HR

Does everyone have to sit in the same uninteresting desk chair? Find out your choices for demanding something different and better by speaking with your HR department.

For instance, some users claim that adjustable-height workstations let you stand up frequently during the day to boost circulation and lessen chronic discomfort. As you shift to maintain your balance while sitting on an exercise ball, your core muscles are used more actively.

4. Inquire About Telecommuting Options

How may working from home reduce your sedentary behaviour? If you’re introverted, it can significantly alter your general movement patterns.

If you wanted to get your blood pumping at work, would you stand up and conduct a five-minute kickboxing session on an app? However, you won’t draw strange looks if you dress comfortably at home and get up sometimes for a rest.

Even so, working from home a few days per week could provide you a few extra hours each day. You can use that time to exercise and stay active.

5. Run Errands

When the manager asks for volunteers to run to the post office, do you raise your hand? Concerns about promotion can arise from taking on too much “gopher” labour, especially if you’re a woman because they still tend to pick up a lot of housekeeping duties at work that can impede their advancement. If getting in shape is your main objective, this approach will allow you to move more and to stay more active.

When possible, try to run such errands while biking or walking. You’ll increase your level of physical activity while cutting down on carbon emissions.


Sedentary behaviour raises your risk for a number of illnesses. Since no one else will take action to protect your wellbeing besides you, you owe it to yourself to be active. To keep healthy when working a sedentary job, remember the five suggestions listed above. Your degree of physical fitness need not be determined by your work.

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