Will 2023 AI Art Be The End Of An Artist Career?


What even is an AI Art ?

Indian Monk turning into skelton, electric, computer, cyberpunk, concept art, abstract, surreal etc.
Indian Monk turning into skelton, electric, computer, cyberpunk, concept art, abstract, surreal etc. created by @raavan96 using midjourney

Art, formerly a scared place where concentration and dedication were of utmost importance, is now facing a threat from digital binary code that is AI art.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Art is like a new trend which is shanking the old traditional ways of creating art and then showing new and innovative ways of creating art. The only limit in this new form of art is the imagination and your ability to define to what you want.

AI art is the combination of both art itself and technology. The AI algorithms trained on human created art in large quantity create new and unique images.

Why AI Art is trending?

Xenobestial, a group of violinists, on the floor and hanging from the ceiling, network topology
Xenobestial, a group of violinists, on the floor and hanging from the ceiling, network topology created by @robertoalonso using midjourney

The obvious answer is the stunning images created by it in such short amount of time and having no limitations expect your imagination, but that’s not it.

Ease of accessibility played a huge part in making it trending. The fact anyone and go to website and like Dall-E and just describe their desired image and then get the results in few minutes and that too for free makes the AI Art trending and fasinating.

AI Art takes no time to be created in comparison to traditional art and it can do that without any breaks. So ignoring it’s capabilities is very difficult even for a person who isn’t interested in art that much.

Advantages Of AI Art

Moonknight like figure in gold
Moonknight like figure in gold created using midjourney

1) Availablity

Acess to AI art is to AI art is very easy as anyone from any part of the world with a internet connection can go to website like mid journey and Dall-E and create the art the want for free of cost. (Note: Midjourney is not entirely free)

2) Boundless Limits

 Interior view of a 1200s elven tavern environment, with drunk wizards, and peasants
Interior view of a 1200s elven tavern environment, with drunk wizards, and peasants….etc created by @brandflow using midjourney

Artificial Intelligence has the ability to define what’s possible in art. With its abilities to create astonishing and unique images, it can help help creators and artists to unleash their imagination by giving them inspiration.

3) Quick & Effective Process

The image created by AI is not just fast but also effective. Artificial Intelligence algorithms can produce art at speed much faster than humans artists. The amount of cost it for creating image is near negligible comparing the cost creating traditional art.

4) Consistency

AI art has the ability to maintain consistent style it can even copy old and famous artists style of making art. It can also maintain tone and quality of results making it a ideal for large production business projects.

5) Multi Media Integration

AI art with other formats of media like music and videos will enchance their quality even further. For example YouTube short with AI generated images as background to increase view time of the short is a good idea as AI art creates eye catching and unqiue images.

Although Artificial Intelligence has many advantages but also comes with it’s fair share of concerns, like the saying goes “You have to lose something to gain something”.

So now let’s take a look at some major concerns of Artists regarding the changes that AI Art would bring into the industry.

Arguments/Concern against AI Art

Cozy Village in the Swiss Alps
Cozy Village in the Swiss Alps created using midjourney

1) Threat towards creativity

The algorithms of Artificial Intelligence operates based on the data or let’s say art which is already created as a input. So the main argument is that AI art doesn’t actually create new or unqiue images as results are based on the input.

The main argument is that AI art leads to similar type of Art style that is homogeneous in nature, the results are some what some similar in way and lack originality.

People also has concern that AI art production to devaluation the human art as it takes more time and money leading to lack of human creativity in the industry.

2) Unemployment Concern

As the time passes and the AI art gets better it will eventually take artists job as it’s both cost and time Saving.

Artist’s who spends years perfecting their skills only to get replaced by a AI is not something that will have positive response in the art industry. People claim that it is their art on which it is trained on, therefore it shouldn’t be considered as real Art or orginal art.

Business will obviously gain more profits as their expense is reducing but lack of employment in the industry will only lead to slow economic growth overall.

3) Copyright issues

Rules and regulations towards towards Artificial Intelligence Art is still undefined as of now. Therefore it only leads to confusion and conflict between people whether a AI generated Art is infringement of copyright or not.

The main argument of people against the AI art is the infringement of copyright of the people art as it they created it, making them the owner of it and the algorithms uses those same images as input to create new image. So, in that sense the AI is using the people art to create it’s new art.

However, the argument against this statement is that how you can you define who actually owns the art as it is very complex and nearly impossible to figure out from where does the art style or method is taken from. So, deciding who is the original creator of the art is not clear atleast as of now but this certainly demands for clear laws to end debates and confusing between people.

4) Lack of Control

Development and innovation of Artificial Intelligence art makes the artist’s question the control they have over their art.

If your art that has been made through hours of hardwork and skills can be used by some business as input to create so called ‘unqiue’ and ‘original’ art without any prior permission to generate income.

Hence, an artist is left in this confusion whether he/she is the owner of his/her work.


steampunk necromancer created using midjourney
steampunk necromancer created using midjourney

It is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence art brings forth some new challenges and it has it’s drawbacks with a fair amount of concerns against the creativity of humans. Still it is unlikely that AI will replace human artist’s or end their career anytime soon.

Although AI art has the potential to create astonishing images which can catch the eyes of anyone who takes a look at it but the human art is isn’t just some combination of colors and texture it represents it’s emotions and perspectives along with it.

Artificial Intelligence Art contradicts this statement as it is not only easy to get but also not rare as anyone with similiar promots and commands can create another image like it.

At any rate, Artificial Intelligence art is a tool for artists to further improve their art and to get more creative with it and set new boundaries of what’s possible to create even better art.

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